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Closing on your listing is a big deal, both for the buyer and the seller, AND the agent. As agents you do your best to guide you customer to do the right thing and make the property stand out. This is why you replace light bulbs, do touch up painting, replace hinges and perform other maintenance type  activities before listing the property. Most agents have a “plumer guy” a “dry wall guy” an inspector, an appraiser. Why not have  “mold guy”? Most don’t but it’s just as important.

You go to close and the buyers backs out. Why? Mold showed up on the home inspection. Arr. These days more and more home inspectors feel and are obligated to report the unwanted presence of mold in properties. And, more and more buyers these days are backing away from homes with this unwanted fungi.

How did the mold get here?

Mold comes and goes from properties, mold really needs 3 things to prosper. Humidly, moisture and materials to eat. The moisture helps the mold grow and the organic matter gives it food the mold needs to survive.

These days more and more materials are made from recycled materials which is great for the environment but also great for mold. Wood, paper, dry wall- yummy, mold feeds on all of these materials. Mold is also very destructive to these materials and if not taken care of the problem gets worse every day.

Homes are also moisture makers, cooking, showering, cleaning and just day to day breathing creates plenty of moisture and humidity for mold to grow and grow fast. And with newer homes built air tight to conserve heating and cooling mold problems can really take off.

Is mold that big of a problem? Really?

Mold often has an smell and all of the time looks well, just gross. But these are only minor things to be concerned about.

Some molds are toxic like black mold do have a really bad impact on people’s health. Other molds when the mold count is high also effects people’s health. Even common molds with a low indoor count can effect folks health wise. One out of two people will have negative health reactions to mold. If you research the negative health effects of mold you will find it is quite alarming. Anything from the sniffles to multiple sclerosis have been reported. It’s often we see cases where folks health has been compromised due to mold.

Forget the health side effects and consider the damage mold creates in homes for a second. When mold finds the ingredients it needs to survive it often creates an infestation with spores jumping from place to place looking to find food. An analogy I like to use is that mold is like bacon smell, you maybe cooking bacon in the kitchen and you can smell it in the back bedroom. Often you will have mold in spaces not seen or smelled but floating around in the air. When it sets into and starts eating at materials in a home it’s just a matter of time before you are restoring a property.

So yes, it is a big problem and if mold is in your home it gets worse every day, buyers know this.

How Easy Is It To Do Business With Pure Maintenance Cascades?

Pure Maintenance Cascades has a passion for killing mold and in addition an understanding of supporting agents in their efforts to keep business moving along. We want mold taken care of the right way, not just painted over or sand blasted. Our process will kill mold and keep it from returning. We use a modern dry fog treatment where the first dry fog is a cold sterilant filled into the living space, attic and HVAC to kill the mold. The second dry fog works as a protectant to keep the mold from returning to the property. Once these two things are done we conduct an air quality test, send it to a third party lab and typically have results back within a few days.

We also, and this is the best part, offer a warranty on our work which is transferrable to the next owner. If our remediation does not work to kill the mold we will come back and retreat at no charge to the new owner.

Another easy thing about doing business with Pure Maintenance Cascades is our pricing. We can easily bid any job over the phone. The reason we can do this is we charge per square foot. We also have no hidden/surprise fees in our pricing structure.

We also work hard to schedule real estate deals quickly and often leave a day per week for these jobs, in addition we have been known to work on weekends to keep things moving along.

Our process is EPA and FDA approved so it is safe for the environment and the contents inside the home. In fact you can leave a food item on the table and consume whatever was left after we remediate for mold. The products we use are irritable, similar to the affects you feel when cutting onions so we do ask that people and pets vacate the property while we are working. All we really ask you to do before treatement is disable fire alarms and open closet and cabinet doors. Pretty easy.

What we do is also quick, we can be in and out of the average 1500 square foot home in just a few hours. We use our first dry fog, Instapure, in the home let it dwell for 30 minutes or so then go back with the second dry fog, Everpure to protect the property. Agents love the fact that we don’t have to do any demo work or work with any products that are dangerous.

So Now What?

Pure Maintenance Cascades can work through agents or home owners. We can do the work with or without you being at the property. We are insured have passed back ground checks and are a veteran owned company.

Don’t let mold be a deal breaker. Call us, we can remediate the mold quickly, safely and what we do is affordable.

We love real estate agents and they love us.


Cody Meyer


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