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Rainforest Conservation

Rainforest Conservation Teaching kids about rainforest conservation is easier with visual aids such as books. Purchase The Rain Forest by Paolo, a hardcover visual feast with images of handmade fibreglass animals that are affected by the continuing destruction of rainforests, plus information about them. A part of the proceeds from your purchase goes to rainforest conservation charities. Order The Rain Forest online. 

Each year, a considerable size of rainforests in the world is destroyed. When this happens, animals and insects that used to live in that area must look for another place to go. At times, they are killed or simply die because they cannot move elsewhere. These are some of the reasons why rainforest conservation is an increasingly important task that is being encouraged by various environmental conservation groups.
Humans are the main reason for deforestation and destruction of rainforests. We cut down trees and destroy sections of rainforests for wood, agriculture, expand land, road construction, and extraction of energy and minerals. Rainforests are also being affected by climate change, which is now causing drought in certain areas of Southeast Asia and South America. Drought depletes the availability of water for animals and dries out leaves, hence, increasing litter and the risk of forest fires. The Amazon rainforest experienced the worst droughts in 2005 and 2010 when rivers dried up and several acres of land were burned. The smoke caused health problems, interrupted transportation, and prevented the formation of rain clouds.
You can join rainforest conservation programs or do your part by supporting global environmental conservation groups. Teaching kids the importance of rainforests through picture books like The Rain Forest can help, too. When you buy The Rain Forest here at Rainforest-Now.Com, a portion of the proceeds will go to various conservation groups around the world.
Rainforest Conservation
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