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What Types Of Properties Do We Treat?

Our cutting-edge Dry Fog technology is the leading solution for homeowners and businesses alike, as it is widely used across many industries in eliminated mold. Mold is indiscriminate as to where and what types of facilities it affects. Our process was developed so that it can be applied anywhere and everywhere mold appears without requiring demolition, toxic chemicals, significant cost or down-time.
Auto service Cleaning


We guarantee the odors and smoke smells in your car will be eliminated!
Single-Family Homes
Single-Family Homes
Single-family homes, small and large, in any configuration, have 100% success with our process.
Multi Family
Multi-Family Homes
Duplex, Triplex, entire complexes, literally any size multi-family unit are all fully handled with our process.
We work with HOA’s, individual condo owners and property management companies to handle individual units and all common areas.


Small, medium, or large hotel facilities. We treat everything from entire establishments to just a single room at a time.
We treat office spaces of any size and configuration, either all at once of in stages as required.
Retail Spaces
Retail Spaces
In retail no down-time can be afforded. Our process gets you back in operation in one day.
Restaurants & Food Service
Restaurants & Food Service
Our process completely sanitizes your facility, killing all mold, bacteria, fungus and viruses, and prevents their recurrence. Read More
Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities

Our non-toxic solution was originally developed to sanitize medical-grade equipment and medical facilities. Read More
Animal Hospitals
Animal Hospitals
By eliminating all mold, bacteria and viruses in your facility, you now have the upper hand in ensuring the animals you Read More
Manufacturing Plants
Manufacturing Plants
Maintain the purity of your manufacturing process and prevent harmful contamination with a fully sanitized facility.
Storage Warehouses
Storage Warehouses
Protect the value of your stored property by eliminating mold with finality and prevent it from coming back, using our patented Read More


Our process is applicable to all forms of transportation, be it public transportation or the transport of goods.Prevent Read More
Boating & Marine
Boating & Marine
Boats and marine facilities are often plagued with mold issues, requiring boats be hauled into dry dock and interiors torn apart to handle the mold. Read More
Eliminate bacteria & viruses in your facilities and eliminate its re-occurrence. Protect the quality of your product and the health of your customers.
Governmental & Military Facilities
Governmental & Military Facilities
Our patented process has been thoroughly tested and approved by the Army Corps of Engineers for use in government and military facilities.

Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation

We offer mold remediation services in Hood River, Oregon. and beyond. The work we do is pretty unique to the industry as we use a dry fog called INSTAPure to kill mold, another dry fog called EVERPure to protect the property from mold being able to return and we are so confident our process works we give a 2 year no questions asked warranty on our work.

We live in the Pacific Northwest we love our rain, we love our mild winters, we love our scenery but let’s face it, so does mold. More and more often people are realizing mold is some pretty nasty stuff with side effects ranging from impacting people’s health to eating away at people’s properties to smelling funny or just plain old looking ugly. Mold is a big problem and Pure Maintenance Cascades is here in Hood River to help.

Our Mold Removal Process Works In 4 Steps-


We use our first dry fog INSTAPure to chase down and kill mold spores. We are able to fill the volume of space with a fog so thick it’s hard to see your hand in front of you face. This dry fog is a commercial grade sterilant that has droplets as little as 7.5 microns. Mold spores range from 20-30 microns big so our fog has no problem going into places that spores go into and denaturize them, another words kill the mold spores.


The second step is using another dry fog called EVERPure which is applied to the surfaces using a painting motion. This is an anti-microbial and when used in a home it will not allow mold spores to attached to surfaces when they try to come back into the home. This product leaves zero residue on the surfaces and has no texture to the touch.


Our third step is to take an air quality sample of 75 liters of air. Once this is done we send the sample to a third party lab for testing, typically we have the results back in a few days. The results of this test are Pure Maintenance Cascades report card and findings will show that all marker/dangerous molds have been killed.


Lastly we guarantee our work and give a 2 year warranty on our work. We are the only mold remediation company in Hood River, Oregon that warranties our work. This coverage is transferrable in case of a real estate transaction and is great piece of mind for both buyers and sellers.

Tips about mold remediation services

A few other things I like to point out about our mold remediation services in Hood River is first that our products are EPA and FDA approved. The stuff is safe, we do ask that people and pets are not present during services as our fog will create unpleasant side effects, similar to the effects felt when cutting and onion. But you can leave all electronics in place, art on the wall and if you left an apple on the table you could eat it once we are done.

Mold Remediation water damage Services
Our process is also very fast. One of the benefits of working with the technology at Pure Maintenance Cascades is that we are completely demolition free. We don’t have to move walls to kill mold. With our dry fog process we can be in and out of an average size home in just hours. People really like how quick our services are.

If you are in Hood River, Oregon and have an issue with mold give Pure Maintenance Cascades a call. We are happy to talk about solutions for your mold problem, weather it is how to conduct your own air quality test, to how do I know if it’s mold to scheduling treatment. Because of our modern approach we can even quote jobs right over the phone. No more setting an appointment for a bid, waiting on someone then having them come back out to do the job. We can bid a job and schedule service all with one phone call.

Pure Maintenance Cascades in Hood River, OR. is veteran owned and operated.

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