Black Mold Is A Real Thing

A Picture Of Black Mold On A Wall

Black mold is a real thing and, it can be really scary. It really is amazing how often the issue of black mold comes up whether it’s over the internet, the local news, a magazine article, it’s a scary subject and we should know more about what to look for, how to handle and some of the symptoms of black mold. We are not medical professionals at Pure Maintenance Cascades, but we do know a thing or two about black mold.

What do we know about black mold? 

Black mold can have negative health effects as simple as a runny nose or in some severe cases it can cause cancer, even death. Mold is a type of fungus that is found everywhere indoors and out. Mold counts and mold types that are normal and match the outdoor mold counts typically have no long-term effects on us, but black mold is different more dangerous mold and the ones to watch out for are the types that are toxigenic.

If this black mold is in high concentration the mycotoxins that are released by the mold sometimes do cause mold poisoning. Keep in mind for this to happen sometimes we need to be exposed to the mold for a long time and the mold count sometimes has to be pretty high.

Black Mold Poisoning- What are the symptoms?

Often when we ask customers if they are experiencing any health issues caused by the mold they share they have “allergy’s” even though it is not allergy season or, they have cold symptoms at home but when they leave the home or the area containing the mold they feel fine.

Most of the time black mold will start to affect customers respiratory organs. They feel out of breath, have a stuffy nose. Customers might also have a cough a wheeze they could have irritated eyes, even irritated skin.

We have also witnessed folks that do have asthma, seasonal allergies or a weak immune system that often have symptoms created by mold that are even worse of then others. They can have worse symptoms then the ones listed above and even experience headaches, fever, chest colds and sinusitis.

Another thing to consider is the long-term effects of exposure to fungus as they can have more serous detrimental effects even for someone who is healthy with a strong immune system. We know these are extreme examples but, folks have experienced muscle spasms, stomach pains even hair loss. In other extreme situations people have reported memory loss and anxiety attacks from being exposed for long periods of time.

How do we know if mold is causing the effects?

Doctors have some pretty specific testing methods to determine if black mold is affecting your health. If you suspect black mold is causing health issues, we recommend you call your doctor for a test. Doctors can do pretty simple blood test and/or skin prick tests to verify whether or not mold is an issue. Samples are sent to the lab that test for specific anti-bodies or biotoxins.

With some tests mold is applied to your body for skin test using a needle. If you get hives, a breakout or a rash this means you are allergic to mold. 

How do you cure the effects from black mold exposure?

Treating black mold exposure could be as simple as being prescribed antihistamines or decongestants. Some over the counter medications can help reduce inflammation and keep swelling down and stop you from having upper respiratory issues. Nasal sprays can really help with nose runs with keeping your nose clean and free of mold spores. In severe cases doctors will recommend Montelukast or in some cases allergy shots.  Montelukast is an oral medication that lowers mucus in our airways and the shots will help your body build up immunity to the mold.

In addition to the above methods Pure Maintenance Cascades recommends full mold remediation to the living space in your home. Not only do we remove the mold in your home, we also focus on your HVAC system. And because we use dry fog to kill mold, we can reach any area in your home were a mold spore would go. We also use a second dry fog to protect your home from molds spores when the do try to return, and they will try to return.

How can we tell if we have black mold?

Often our eyes or nose will tell us we have black mold. If you see black and clustered growths in rooms or notice a moldy smell you have a mold issue. Sometimes you can walk into a room in your home and instantly start coughing, wheezing or feel eye irritation. If this is the case, you most likely have a mold issue. You can call us, and we can come out for an air quality test or you can purchase mold test from the big box stores. The reality is if you think you have black mold you do; give us a call and we can get you on the schedule to get it taken care of.

How to get rid of the mold spores?

As we mentioned above give us a call, we can take care of it with our dry fog system. Some mold removal companies will try to convince you that you will need to restore or demo specific areas in your home. These methods are very expensive, very time consuming and in many cases will only make your mold problem worse. When methods are used the mold spores will become irritated and jump from room to room looking for moisture and materials to attach to. The mold will pop up in other areas in your home.

We also don’t recommend DIY when dealing with mold spores. Bleach will not kill mold spores and painting over them while might look pretty will not take care of the problem. Other DIY methods can be very harmful to your health. Leave the mold removal to us.

If we can help give us a call. We are happy to give you advise about your situation or simply get you scheduled for remediation.

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